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Industrial Furniture


You don’t need to scour old factories and vintage stores to find industrial furniture anymore as the trend towards using industrial pieces in interior design continues to rise. 

Solid Timber & Steel -  The signatures of Industrial furniture

Industrial furniture was originally designed to be used in a commercial or industrial setting so tended to be made from solid timber and steel so as to be hard wearing and long lasting. East Connection have a high quality range of industrial furniture which includes various features from rustic timber or sandblasted finishes to industrial castors and hand riveted details all of which highlight the beauty in the aged, utilitarian design of this furniture style. One style of our industrial furniture even features sliding doors on solid steel rollers - sort of like an industrial style barn door which is something you don't see every day!

Out of the factory - Industrial furniture for the home

The beauty of industrial furniture is that it’s incredibly practical making it timeless, neutral,  and simple to decorate with.  Given this, you can mix individual Industrial furniture pieces in with any other type of design style, from Shabby Chic to Traditional furniture, Modern or even country style furniture to give your home a lived-in look with a bit of history and a unique design edge.

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