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Dining Table - Desk

Tables come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and heights dependent upon their origin, style, and intended use. Many tables are made of wood or wood-based products but not many have the intricate parquetry style top of East Connection’s reclaimed timber dining table!

Each of our dining tables is a one off piece as they are all made by hand so no two can ever be exactly the same, and that’s the appeal; when you buy an East Connection dining table, you know you’ll never walk into another home and see exactly the same thing.

East Connection have various options for dining tables from four seat to six and eight seater options. And while recycled timber may not be everyone’s style, we also have whitewashed French country dining tables with carved legs or other styles that would suit a farmhouse look not to mention matching dining chairs for most of our tables. See the ever changing range of dining tables and chairs at East Connection online of in store now!

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