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Entertainment - TV Unit

The living room has always been a place for families to come together and catch up with each other and friends but it’s also a place to hear the latest news, watch the newest shows and talk about what’s on television. Now you can bring even more enjoyment to your time in front of the television with a unique entertainment unit you'll enjoy looking at just as much the screen. Our range of entertainment units are designed to not only look amazing, but also to serve the purpose of storing your television and electronics.

Our entertainment unit feature designated areas for storing you electronics while also having storage for items like dvd’s, games, hard drives, etc to ensure they are kept tidy and don’t clutter in your living space. But practicality doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style at all. Each entertainment unit is handmade meaning it is unique and the looks and colours available in each style vary to suit any interior. From whitewashed units for a beach cottage shabby chic style, a similar unit may give a more rustic country home vibe to your home when it is made from reclaimed timber.

And then there are more specialised style like industrial TV units, timber & Moroccan tile entertainment units and even retro tv units or brass fitted units that are all painstakingly made by hand. Our range of entertainment units is so varied and diverse, the furniture you buy to house your TV will become almost as big a talking point as what’s showing on the TV itself!

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