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Tallboy - Drawer Unit

A chest of drawers, also called a bureau, is a piece of furniture that has multiple parallel, horizontal drawers stacked one above another. A tallboy is a piece of furniture incorporating a chest of drawers and a small section with doors on top. Tallboys or chests of drawers have traditionally been made and used for storing clothing, and other small items not normally hung in or otherwise stored in a closet or wardrobe.

These units are usually placed in a bedroom for this purpose, but can actually be used to store anything that will fit inside and can be placed in any room of the home You and find a tallboy or drawer unit to fit in with any decorating style at East Connection. From retro drawer units that you repurpose into a filing cabinet in your study, to painted drawers that may be used as statement piece in a foyer to oversized recycled timber chests of drawers that can used as a sideboard in your dining room, these units don’t need to be confined just to the bedroom anymore!

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