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Architecture - Statement piece

Antique doorways, Carved windows & temple pillars

Looking for an amazing antique doorway? Look no further! East Connection would surely have an antique doorway to suit your style. Many of our antique doorways feature amazing carving in intricate patterns that evoke images of faraway palaces. Other antique doors feature hand forged metal and brass studs that may bring to mind the kind of entrance you would see in a grand castle.

Make an entrance with an antique doorway

But you don’t need to have a palatial home or live in a medieval fortress to appreciate the beauty of an antique doorway and have one feature in your home - these amazing architectural pieces are available at very affordable prices at East Connection. Antique doors not only make a grand entrance to your home, but can also be used as a feature to make a statement inside the home such as the entry to a formal lounge or dining room or to give a hotel resort style feeling to an amazing master suite or guest room.

You can visit us in person to see innovative examples of these items also being repurposed into practical furniture pieces – antique doors turned into wardrobe doors, window frames and arches as mirror frames and so on. The options for using antique architectural elements are as endless as your imagination and they don’t need to be confined to your interior either with items like carved arches and wooden pillars sure to add beauty to the exterior of your home as well.

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