All you need to know about buying Antique Furniture

The presence of antique furniture gives a timeless quality to any room. Giving it the highest honour and guarded presence in the centre of lodgings, it has always captivated owners and guests. Be it a boarding home, living rooms, or the founder’s cabin; these vintage wooden gems have never lost their charm. They have travelled through time and made their way to the 21st century, marvelled by many.

East Connection understands the significant value of antique furniture. That’s why most of our products are hand-crafted from environmentally safe wood. Our home decor is eco-friendly and loved by interiors enthusiasts.

One of our hot-selling products is the French Provincial Furniture.

Let’s have a look at how this type of furniture adds allure to the room.

Why the French Provincial Furniture is loved more among others

This furnishing takes us back to the 18th century in the beautiful provinces of France. Its manner of look and feel, however, was taken from the styles of Paris of that century.

The features of this furniture include a depth of ornate carvings, mouldings and decorative wrought iron. The designs include simple textures imbibed in its sturdiness. It’s a beauty of elegance and rustic style.

If you buy wholesale furniture of this style, you can expect these key elements reflecting grandeur.

  • Rustic wooden dining table and padded chairs
  • Warm tone drawing inspiration from nature such as white, neutral, cream, grey, light blue, and blush.
  • Look for Cabriole legs that look like curved legs with two arches.
  • Scalloped lace designs and rustic ruffles are embedded in this vintage furniture.

You can also observe the wheat formation engravings and additions of the subtle shade of white with floral accents.

This vintage furniture is more like a royal entourage of 18th-century holdings embellishing the 21st-century lifestyle. Its beauty cannot be ignored. There is simply an aura that grabs attention and turns heads.

How to identify Antique Furniture

  • Is the furniture a marriage?

A furniture marriage occurs when two pieces, or sections, of furniture, are joined together from two different types of furniture. If the legs of the piece are of the wrong size, you are looking at a furniture marriage. A similar example is when the top piece is imbalanced upon the lower portion.

  • Did you check the drawer?

Centuries in succession had a drawer with differently designed joints, and they each had a name.

  • Until the late 1600s – Draws made from Mortise-and-Tenon Joints were held by handmade dowels or pegs. These were slightly raised above the joints.
  • In the 1700s – Dovetailed Joints were glued.
  • In the 1860s – Knapp Joint drawer was developed and was called a half-moon, pin and scallop.
  • In the late 1800s – Another machine-made drawer called Dovetail Joint was made, using the joinery technique.
  • Are the saw marks straight or circular?

Wood was hand sawn until the beginning of the 1800s, including furniture pieces. Therefore, saw marks would be visibly straight. After this time, most woods were cut with a circular saw. This meant that saw marks would be circular later on.

Antique furniture draws a beautiful home scape look, evoking a time of many great events. If you want to appreciate the artistic values of a given era, connect with us to know more.

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