Are You Investing in Shabby Chic Furniture?

Introducing shabby chic furniture to your home can help to add a whole new dimension to your interiors. The style called  shabby chic furniture is known for  its ability to add a cottage-like feel to your home but notably a style  which is rustic but at the same time more elegant  than what you get to see in regular cottages.

All about shabby chic furniture

To put it simply, shabby chic interior design is all about the employment of mid century modern furnishings that appear dated—thanks to the clear signs of wear and tear. In fact, entirely new items can be distressed to achieve the desired effect (i.e. antique) as well.

Some of the identifying features of shabby chic furniture are washed or distressed finishes in neutral hues, backed by a elegant shapes which create a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor.

What else should you know about shabby chic furnishings?

Please don’t forget that shabby chic is primarily all about softness ; there is generally nothing very ‘loud’ or vibrant in this style of interior in terms of patterns or colours. Shabby chic furniture pieces are great for cottage style homes as well as mid century modern style homes.

When you acquaint yourself with the nuances of different styles of furniture that fit in with Shabby Chic decor like the true characteristics of French provincial furniture, retro furniture or for that matter shabby chic soft furnishings you can create a more sophisticated layered interior style of your own that other are sure to envy!

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