Charm your Home with East Connection’s Country Style Furniture

If country-specific, rural and unfinished is what you’re looking for, Country Style Furniture is your go-to! This antique furniture is no piece of weathered wood that should be underestimated; it is the kind of timber that defines many styles from French, Lodge, Cottage, and American Country, among others. The classes may be country-specific, but they each share the same casual vibe.

Country style furniture is always bought keeping in mind the rustic look that represents an unfinished appeal or a weathered state. These items have an easy and welcoming appearance with natural hues for a cozy and warm feel.

Since you’ve come this far, take a look at our collections. We promise to mesmerize you.

East Connection’s Country Style Furniture

We have a variety of furniture styles for country lovers. Adorn your home with the furniture evoking the era and lifestyle of places that one could but dream of living.

  • Country Dining Table– A uniquely made parquetry-designed dining table made from reclaimed timber. It displays an aura that will catch your attention whenever you enter the dining area.
  • Country Seat– The best place for a seated selfie. What’s more, it allows for two persons. Handcrafted for any room or hall, this double storage seat is a fascinating ensemble. It’s a shabby chic recycled timber meant for storage and cushion-comfort seating.
  • Country Storage Unit– Another parquetry-designed piece of antique furniture, country style! Set it in your living area with showpieces adorning the top and home essentials safely tucked inside the storage space. There’s no place like home with the Timber Parquet Country Buffet.
  • Country Coffee Table– It’s time to call it a day when you sit by the side of this adorable coffee table. This timber table adds yet another parquet charm to your living room.
  • Country TV Unit– Perfectly embellished with a whitewash finish, this Rustic Recycled Timber TV unit is a French delight. Have a look at its detailed designs with bold iron rods and distressed finishes.
  • Country Glass Door Cabinet– Looking for a slim display unit? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at the display shelf with a glass door cabinet made from reclaimed timber. Place it in your hallway, but we guarantee; it will turn heads. Also, its multiple shelves provide an excellent system for storage.

How to place Country Style Furniture in your home

Country style furniture is unfinished, partly rustic, and unsophisticated to an extent. Yet, it is one of the most cherished among the legendary retro, upcycled, and antique furniture styles. However, one needs to make a few modifications to the interiors around this furniture to make it truly stand out.

You cannot have an overly rustic and shabby chic style wall treatment behind furniture that is known for representing shabbiness as the furniture needs to be allowed to stand out to truly shine. Stick to a warm and cozy look by letting the décor around this furniture be vintage, and the walls painted with bold colors instead.

There’s so much more to our collections than what we’ve shown here. We’d love to welcome you to our store in person or online. Connect with us and the Eastern styles of a world that spellbinds your home with beauty and magnetism.

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