Essential Elements of French Provincial Décor

French style interior is primarily warm and welcoming as the style incorporates a soothing color palette, ornate furnishings and fine linens to create an elegant yet sophisticated look. The most interesting thing about the French Provincial décor is that the elements are not perfect but they appear effortless.

Though everybody has their own idea of what French Provincial décor looks like, it should include few ‘must have’ elements.

 Antique furniture

Even when the home decorating trend is more contemporary, it will include a  few antiques so in French Provincial décor, often older pieces of furniture are placed beside newer ones. Try to find some vintage furniture pieces and place them around your home to recreate this look and if selected properly, you will be astonished to see the effects they have on  your interior. 


When it comes to finding the appropriate colour for your French provincial interior, select neutral colours and add splashes of pastels or other soft shades. The idea is to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere so while white is the most commonly used color for French Provincial interiors, you can also find cream, ecru, ivory, lavender, lilac, rose or peach. Stronger colors like brick reds, sky blues or sunny yellows are used only in small dabs so that they don’t interrupt the relaxed attitude of the space.

 Textiles and patterns

Fine cotton or linen fabrics just suit the Provincial look perfectly. You may choose stripes, florals or solids, but the style should not be overly extravagant to steal the show from your French provincial furniture. The finishing touches in your room such as paintings, rugs and lighting should also remain subdued otherwise they will take centre stage of the overall decoration.

 While recreating a French Provincial style in your home, keep in mind  you don’t always need to invest in high priced, polished antiques; this decorating style originated in the French countryside so you can use upcycled furniture or more rustic furniture pieces to give your place the perfect French Provincial look.


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