Facts behind the Appeal of Distressed Furniture

Decorating your home or office with antique furniture is sure to attract attention. A quality vintage cabinet or antique that suits your needs may not be the only answer though . Do not be disheartened and settle for an ordinary look if these options are not available, however. Instead, put your imagination to use and look for distressed furniture that also can give you a unique  effect.

The term ‘distressed furniture’ may seem unfamiliar at first, but distressing refers to a procedure whereby an item of furniture is deliberately weathered to make it appear old, dating back to the last century or even further. Some of the pieces can tend to look a bit shabby but that is part of their unique appeal and this kind of furniture is actually now in high demand.

While you can achieve the perfect look by placing an order with the best furniture maker in the town, it is best to buy the distressed items directly from a reputed online store so you can see the finished item. You may be surprised to find cabinets, sideboard as well as tables can look great in a distressed finish.


Experts in making distressed items have historical knowledge of the types of furniture that were  in vogue during specific eras so achieve the look perfectly by employing different tools and techniques. The trick to this style is to add some imperfections as there were no machines employed earlier with each piece of furniture being crafted painstakingly by hand.

This kind of furniture can also include more specific styles like shabby chic furniture where the finished product may not only be looking weathered but also have some paint scraped off to expose the bare material underneath. However, you may also achieve much of the same effect by making furniture out of hewn logs or repurposed barn wood so that you obtain reclaimed timber furniture at astonishingly affordable prices.

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