French Provincial Furniture-Where Antiquity Meets Utility

French provincial furnitureis one of the kinds of furniture which is a great fit for both rustic and vintage decor which are both popular decorating trends today. Brushed with a touch of antiquity and hand-carved to perfection, these articles are great additions to modern homes that have a classic decorating style of even an eclectic interior.

Here are some of specimens of French Provincial Furniture that make worthy additions to your suite.

  • Sideboard Cabinet: A great-looking French provincial cabinet, this one features intricate hand carved designs on the doors. The designs offer small perforations that make the cabinets see-through. The ornate handles and carvings reflect the fashionable French styles of the days gone by with a modern touch.
  • Storage Cabinet: Quite similar to sideboard cabinets, these ones are taller and more ornate than the former. Vines, leaves, flowers and other floral motifs decorate the doors of these cabinets.
  • Glassdoor Cabinet: For those who are particularly captivated by decorative glass door cabinets, this vintage furniture is a prize. Detailed all over the wooden surface, this cabinet has glass doors with a web of woodwork over the panels.
  • Console Table: The console tables in the French provincial range have the desired shabby chic look, but not without the embellishments that so often adorn the furniture of the time.
  • Chest of Drawers:A very practical storage solution, this antique furniture is decorative enough to be a centerpiece of any room.
  • Buffet and Hutch: With a mix of closed and open shelves, a buffet and hutch is a neat specimen of antique furniture that greatly compliments a vintage setting.

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