Furniture Suggestions for a Rustic Interior

Rustic interior decoration has risen in popularity to become a favorite home décor and interior décor style. The beauty of rustic décor is in its simplicity and roughhewn finisheswhich exude a kind of naturalness which veneered tables and varnished cabinets fail to offer. So, if you do not mind a bit of coarseness in finish, then rustic is a great theme to introduce a refreshingly new look into your interiors. Some country style furniture that works well to complement and enhance this decorating style are:

 Sandblasted Buffet Cabinet

A sandblasted buffet cabinet is just the thing you want to place right next to your dining table.

This piece of vintage furniture has a French Provincial touch to it but also a shabby chic finish with distressed paint all over. This combination of rustic décor styles all in the one sideboard makes for a perfectly versatile piece of antique furniture that your home needs.
Sandblasted Buffet Cabinet

Recycled Timber Dining Table

A dining table with a recycled timber to makes the perfect centerpiece to any dining room and sets the scene for a rustic style interior. This type of dining table also suite country style interiors and when paired with a rustic bench seat, makes for a great décor combination and a unique style statement for any home.
Recycled Timber Dining Table Recycled Timber Dining Table

 Dining Bench

A bench is a great specimen of shabby chic furniture. It looks perfectly rough-hewn, but without any concerning lack of structural integrity. Benches are a great option for communal seating, and also as a practical space saving option as they can be tucked in under a dining table. Recycled timber benches can also work well as long coffee table – place one right in front of your couch to complete the rustic set.
Dining Bench

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