Furniture that will Sweep your Room off its Floor

Industrial furniture has a very captivating look, especially if it has been arranged with proper thought. Most people simply place furniture based on logical spacing. However, you can also add a theme to it, based on the colours and material of the furniture.

Some industrial-inspired furniture includes:

  • Drafting tables
  • Worktable / Workbench
  • Inspection tables
  • Assembly tables
  • Industrial cabinets

Industrial furniture comes with flexibility and versatility

Industrial inspired furniture styles can range from imaginative visuals to a transformer movie character. Don’t get it yet? Please take a look at our collections; here are four of them.

  • wine cabinet made from a metal tractor – yes, you heard that right! You can transform anything into furniture and make it worthwhile. However, let the experts do this for you to make sure that the repurposed piece lasts for a long time.
  • Console trolley or storage unit? – What is it, really!? Well, this trolley gives you versatile storage options. It’s movable as it rests on wheels. You can move it around whenever you wish to change the look of your room.
  • Fridge turned cupboard – For those who like stranger things, we bring to you a wardrobe using parts that originally belonged on a refrigerator. This whitewashed transformational body is retro vintage with beautiful character and solid timber. It has fridge handles, multiple draws, and plenty of cupboard space.
  • Metal barstool – This stool was hand-designed even though it looks factory-made. It has a stunning finish with a steel frame and timber top. So, if you’re looking for industrial furniture stools for your restaurant bar, then we sell wholesale furniture too. This metal bar stool will set a high vibe with the drinks offered.

Antique furniture as a time traveller

Your home is a sacred place that you also wish to recreate like a dream. Antique furniture does that for you. Its unique characteristics with designs of the past can embellish your room with beauty and charm.

Take a look at these four collections of antique furniture.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall – This timber-made mirror has been crafted from skills not found these days. You can hang it in your entry room or as a focal point in your living area. 
  • Bookshelf with your personality – Shabby and chic! This bookshelf is no ordinary masterpiece. It is reclaimed timber with carvings from architectural elements from India. It’s an absolute room stunner where you can place your belonging safely.
  • Can’t turn the tables on this one – This console hall table is hand-carved, made from reclaimed antique doors. It has a strong presence due to its distressed look. When placed in a room, it will make its presence felt.
  • Chakki stool transformed into a coffee table – The coffee table you see is an absolute delight to sit across. Many guests and friends will enjoy a pleasant conversation around this table as it spreads a charming vibe.

At East Connection, we want to make sure that your home is adorned with the best. Do you want to add  charm to your home with industrial furniture or antique furniture? Are you looking for wholesale furniture for your commercial space? Connect with us for more details about exclusively hand-made furniture for you.

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