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You may be familiar with reusing an old item differently and you would know that making scrap items useful helps regain their value. We’ve all upcycled several things at home, especially items we feel are not worth discarding just yet; a tin can is used as a pen holder, and a colorful heavy stone is used as a paperweight, etc and just Like these examples, there are so many other items that can be repurposed.

If you’re a fan of furniture that’s been around for ages, modified, and modernized to suit your home tastes then you’re going to like what we have to show you. We’re about to discover a world where ingenuity and creativity bursts through the seams of handmade furniture!

Our upcycled furniture collections

Since you’re here, it shows you have a love for a unique aesthetic value so Upcycled furniture is your home-friendly décor. It is a popular choice among homeowners as upcycled furniture is an environmentally friendly option given its made from repurposed old items that would otherwise have no value and might end up in landfill if they were not being creatively upcycled into decorative works of furniture art!

We have a range of collections, including retro designs that will make your home truly special. If you’re someone who likes to add a splash of creativity to your home, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Have a look at our upcycled furniture collections

  • Upcycled Bookshelf– This Timber Antique Door Bookshelf will be a great addition to your bedroom. Any time you want to pop a book in bed, just head over to your personalized reading section.
  • Upcycled Hall Table– This Hall Table Console is made from timber, resting upon two reclaimed water pumps. Decorate your hallway with this handmade delight.
  • Upcycled Shutter Screen– A Rustic Room Divider made from reclaimed timber window shutters. This piece of furniture can be mounted on the wall as a wall panel or bedhead.

Our retro furniture collections

Retro furniture has always been a charming addition, blending well with all the elements of a home. We can’t get enough of it either, especially when our team of furniture collectors has an eye for ‘Gorgeous.’ As we dive deeper into the world of retro furniture, we hope you enjoy and notice the creativity behind every piece of furniture. Let’s explore a few collections that may interest your taste for modern retro.

  • Retro Butterfly Chair– You can’t say no to this timeless design inspired by the original BKF seat! Add the Retro Brown Leather Chair to your room, designed to the shape of a Butterfly. Place it next to your side table; you won’t be disappointed.
  • Retro TV Unit– Here’s a great storage unit and placement for your television. You deserve a good view from your sofa as you binge-watch your favorite series. Get to know more about the Scandinavian Timber Retro TV Unit.
  • Retro Coffee Table – Sit across your living room with friends and family, enjoying a warm mug of your beverage. Spend endless hours talking to near and dear ones as you admire the Vintage Timber Multi-Drawer Coffee Table.

Truly magnificent designs, aren’t they? We hope you liked each one of these, but you should know that we’ve got plenty more! Visit our website and enjoy the sightseeing. We’d love to show you our collections; we can get in touch with you so don’t wait, tell us about the type of furniture you’re looking for in the comments section below.

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