Recycled Timber Furniture – A Unique Look to Your Furniture Design

If you want your home or office furniture to look unique, then you need to steer away from the common furniture available in the market which is usually made of conventional timber veneers and ‘new’ wood. An interesting segment in this category is furniture made of recycled timber or reclaimed timber as it is popularly known.

Recycled timbers or reclaimed timbers are those timbers which are retrieved from old buildings, bridges, barns etc. Because these timbers are old, they tend to have rather unique features since they have been subjected to wear and tear due to general usage and harsh weather in their previous incarnation.

As compared to new timber furniture, recycled timber or reclaimed timber furniture may differ in price. This is due to an increase in the time required in workshops to remove the existing nails, bolts and make into straight lengths all of which must be done by hand.

Because of their unique previous history, no two reclaimed timbers look exactly the same nor will they have the same thickness. Recycled timber has wavy line texture compared to the fresh timber which is straight lined. This variation in the recycled timbers helps to lend an interesting and quirky character to any furniture they are used in. Add to this, the variable tones and sap lines which bring about a rustic look giving a stylish and tasteful handcrafted look to the furniture.

The popularity of this type of furniture is on the increase. Apart from the aesthetically pleasing look it provides, it is also environment friendly as using recycled timber saves on cutting down new trees. Also, it cuts down on landfills and stops the partially decomposed non-recycled woods from forming methane gas, known to be harmful to both human health and the wider environment.

Recycling means cutting less trees, reducing carbon dioxide which not only affects human lives but also benefits the life cycle of many animals and plants which are invariably tied to trees. Recycled timber furniture sees everyone winning – your home is more beautifully decorated through its use and the planet remains green as new trees are saved – you’ve got to be happy with that!

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