The Beauty of Turning an Old Object into Something Better

Ever heard of upcycling? It rhymes with recycling but is not the same. Several items that are no longer of any use to you can be cleverly upcycled. All that counts is your creative imagination. Need to buy an outdoor swing for your toddler? Why buy one when you can turn your old car tyre into one. It may seem strange but it works.

Items that are upcycled, therefore, come cheaper. They look vintage at the same time – some of them. When upcycling is practised, it not only saves money but also saves the use of new materials to produce brand new products.

Countless items are upcycled. We do it at home in ways we don’t realise. It’s like a Transformer movie, only less amazing but worth the transformation.

  • Turn vintage brooches into a bouquet with real flowers
  • A cassette case into a gift card holder
  • Telephone handsets into bookends
  • A dish rack into a smart file folder
  • An eyeglass case into a sewing kit
  • Eyeglasses into a photo frame

East Connection uses the same concept of transforming old objects into pretty new items with upcycled furniture. Some items cannot be used anymore. In the case of upcycled furniture, one can find old advertising signs or tins get converted into a feature on cabinet doors. Similarly, old shutters become part of a sideboard or a room divider. Old car seats can be used as sofas.

As we mentioned, it all depends on the efficient use of creative imagination.

Among our collections of upcycled furniture, we have the following products ready for you.

There are several more items to grace your home décor. Have a look at our collections.

Can furniture be upgraded instead of upcycled?

Not many appreciate the upcycling of furniture. That’s okay! It all depends on personal preferences. In that case, East Connection simply shares its talents in antique furniture. It spells the age and beauty of a time that once was and can be re-lived.

We can upgrade a piece of antique furniture to suit your home’s décor. You could also use it as a collectible item considering its age, rarity, utility, condition, and other unique features.

We understand the need to redesign your home. A new look is always preferred years after having home interiors that no longer please the eye. Maybe you shifted to a new place and your taste in interiors has changed. As a furniture company based in Melbourne, Australia, we also offer wholesale furniture so that you can give your home a stylish makeover. We have a featured collection as well that can fulfil and meet the aesthetic value and tastes of our customers.

While the beauty of transformation lay all around us, we hope you explore our collections of antique furniture or upcycled furniture.

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