What to Know Before Purchasing Cabinets

When purchasing cabinets there are a few thing you must take into consideration to ensure you get the piece of furniture that is perfect for your needs.

First ask yourself why you are investing in a storage space? Different people have different purposes while purchasing new cabinets however, cabinets should strike a balance between functionality, style and cost. Unlike garage or workshop cabinets, when you are investing in a sideboard cabinet, style becomes just as important as the functionality of your furniture.

Before purchasing cabinets you need to keep few basic things in mind:

It is exciting to choose a cabinet that will make your space look organized and enhance décor, but with so many options available it becomes overwhelming. If you are redecorating a room or after a single piece, see to it that your new purchase blends with the rest of your existing furniture. A vintage cabinet just beside some modern furniture may look  out of the place unless you are looking to create an eclectic interior.

Also consider the space your cabinet is going to fit into and what purpose it will serve as well.

A tall cabinet with shelves may work well as a linen cupboard or wardrobe while a smaller cabinet may make the perfect drinks cabinet and one with glass doors may be the perfect showcase for your collectables.

 Cabinet Styles:

If you are after timber cabinets, a variety of woods like Teak, Mango, or recycled timber are used to make our cabinets. All have their specific features and which timber and finish you go for will depend on your personal decorating style. Recycled timber cabinets always fit in well with a country style interior while whitewashed pieces may work better with a Shabby Chic or French Provincial decorating theme.

Industrial style cabinets differ from other furniture styles as apart from serving the storage purpose they are also stronger, heavier and may have more capacity. While most of the cabinets found in homes are made from hardwoods, industrial cabinets can be made from steel or solid wood and feature metal details, such as rivets, studs, wire mesh or industrial style castors as standout features.

Generally, a cabinet aims to achieve a clutter-free space by storing everyday items out of sight but you don’t want your furniture to be simply practical but also beautiful and in keeping with the rest of your interior design scheme. East Connection have such a wide range of styles, there is sure to be the perfect cabinet to suit any home!

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