Your home is not complete without these 4 Cabinets

Many years ago (about 2 centuries ago to be more exact) our ancestors found they needed to store valuable items. Their storage spaces were back then were more practical and utility-based rather than aesthetically pleasing. Even so, in later times their style of furniture has come to be seen as a beauty to behold.

Antique cabinets generously spread a homely vibe to any space. They may at times be less polished, less sleek, but that’s why they’re loved all over the world.

What were cabinets used for?

Cabinets were made as early as the Renaissance period, and found themselves to be inevitably used in the 16th century. By the 17th century, cabinets were primarily designed to store important belongings and documents.

Over time, cabinets became an item of luxury decorated with elegant styles and gifted by and to the wealthy. Therefore, there were different types of cabinets depending on their use like for pantries, display, storage, or kitchen walls.

The majority of our customers have their eye on a particular set of cabinets so we thought, why not talk about them. Returning customers have stated that these would complete the look of their home.

Let’s get right into it!

4 types of cabinets from East Connection that enhances a home’s aesthetic value

Most of the cabinet types appear to be defined by their features; however, their structural functions differ from one another.

  •  Industrial Cabinet

An Industrial Cabinet is equipped to hold heavy items. An example of one of our antique industrial cabinets is known as Vintage Industrial Scandinavian Timber Bedside Cabinet. It is made from blonde timber, recycled timber and metal.

Another type is called Vintage Industrial Metal Wine Cabinet. This is made from solid timber and metal. It has spaces allotted for wine bottles.

  • Vintage Cabinet

Similar to the cabinets above but our customers love these as well. For those who prefer a dash of color added to their interiors, here is a show stopper. The Boho Blue Vintage Brass Cabinet is excellent quality Indian furniture. It has intricate brass metal craftsmanship designed all over it. This cabinet has wooden wheels for easy movement.

Another type is the Vintage Industrial Metal Sliding Door Cabinet. This versatile piece of furniture has sliding doors on wooden rails.

  • Sideboard Cabinet

This type consists of a set of cabinets, or cupboards with one or more drawers, topped by a wooden surface. The Black Bone Inlay Hand Painted Sideboard cabinet has intricate Indian designs giving it a distinct look wherever placed.

The French Provincial Shabby Chic Painted Sideboard Cabinet has a solid timber distressed country look, Indian style. The draws and doors are hand-carved.

  • French Provincial Cabinet

These cabinets go back to 18th century France consisting of popular designs taken from the style of Paris artisans. The Shabby Chic Glass Door Cabinet is made from old seasoned reclaimed timber. This makes it eco-friendly. It has glass doors with a French provincial look.

The White glass door French cabinet is made from environment-friendly timber. Fitted with classic glass doors, this cabinet can give any room a fresh perspective.

Whichever type, these vintage pieces of furniture were enthroned in homes as a sign of status and wellbeing. Whenever a guest visited, they would be seated in the living room overlooking the grandeur of a cabinet holding the family photos, memories, standalone showpieces, and other precious items.

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