East Connection Furniture Blog


The story of East Connection began with a very simple premise – to share the amazing range of handcrafted furniture and home décor items made by artisans around the world with as wide and audience as possible. Other companies have imported handicrafts from the Far East in the past, but whilst beautiful to look at, many pieces tended to be very expensive or highly impractical – how many people really have money to spend or space to fit a 15ft high Balinese pavilion or enormous Chinese wedding bed at their place?

While East Connection do have our fair share of Antique doors, brass statues and painted wardrobes, there’s also more modern looking furniture made from recycled timber, retro sideboards and industrial cabinets. You may think pairing Indian antiques with retro, French or Morrocan inspired furniture may sound like a strange combination, when you choose selected pieces and put them together in unexpected ways, you can create an eclectic style which is unique to your home. And a distinctive style & home that reflects your unique personality is what interior decorating is all about!

Even though there are so many varied styles available at East Connection, our furniture is not just uniquely beautiful, but also highly practical. All our furniture is made from solid timber which means it is very hard wearing and won’t need replacing for many years to come. Most items come in standard depths and sizes so they can comfortably fit in the average home. And some items are created using recycled timber which makes them environmentally friendly -since no new timber is used, trees don’t need to be cut down. We see old doors, advertising signs, window shutters or other architectural items put to practical use and given a second life by being made into amazing items of furniture that can suit any home.

In the past, many people viewed handcrafted or antique furniture as something to aspire to own ‘someday’ because they were often expensive and so were out of reach of the average person wanting to decorate their house. East Connection believe that everyone should be able to decorate their home with beautiful handmade furniture and home décor without having to take out a second mortgage, so our prices are very reasonable when compared to other stores that stock handmade items. If you check our website or visit us in store, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable owning your own handcrafted quality timber furniture can be.

While East Connection’s range of products is quite large and varied, our store & the furniture we sell can be summed up in just three words - Eclectic, Practical, Affordable.