Jute Rugs

In recent times there has been a trend against using man-made material and using more natural fibres to decorate your home. As people turn away from acrylic carpets and other artificial floor coverings, jute rugs continue to gain in popularity. East Connection’s range of Jute Rugs are available in various sizes that can suit any room. Skilled artisans have taken time and care to shape and weave dried jute into these beautiful, golden rugs. Jute rugs are know no just for the textural beauty of the woven jute, but also their very practical and durable nature when used as floor coverings. Rugs made from jut add a folksy, warm, earthy vibe to any interior and you can rest assured you are also being kind to the planet as jute is a renewable resource making these rugs a stylish option that is eco-friendly as well.